Edison 1.1.3323.0

Save energy, save the world


  • Highly customizable
  • Helps you save energy and money


  • Requires registration
  • Modifies Windows power settings

Not bad

In the last few months we've been constantly reading news about global warming, carbon emissions and the impact of energy waste on nature. For those of you who think it's about time to move into action and contribute your two cents, Edison is the app you need.

Edison is a small tool that features different customizable power schemes with which you can save energy by automatically switching off the monitor, the hard drive and the whole computer after a certain period of time. You can specify the time limit for each one of these elements and also create different schemes, one for your working hours and one to be used when you're not using the PC.

In a way Edison is similar to the default Windows power-saving options you can find in the Display Properties menu, though it's easier to use and offers more possibilities for customization. In fact, the program does change Windows power settings when you run it, so even if your close Edison your PC will switch off if you scheduled it for power off at a given time – which I found annoying, chiefly because Edison didn't warn me about it.

Another negative point about the program is that it requires you to create a free user account on the developer's page. Man, I'm just trying to save some money and energy here, what do you need my name and email address for?

With Edison you can configure your PC to switch off certain system elements, thus saving energy and money.



Edison 1.1.3323.0

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